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Limited Company Accounts -  Start from £33 per month and held until 31 December 2019.

If you believe that your accountancy fee's may be higher than what you would like to pay.  Or are thinking of changing accountants, then please see below to find out what benefits we can provide your Limited Company.

Like many a business in the UK today everyday prices always seem to be going up and its getting harder to plan ahead and keep control of rising costs.  To assist our new clients:

  • Your limited company fee can be as low as £33 per month and will be held for your next 3 accounting periods or until 31 December 2020 subject to which ever arrives first and subject to gross income not exceeding £80,000 in a 365 day year/period..
  • We may be able to discount your previous accountants fee - please contact us.
  • We will agree a fixed fee with you.
  • We will file your Company Accounts, Company Tax Return, Tax Computation on line with both Company House and HMRC.
  • Will also complete your Asset Register and claim Write Down Allowances for the Company.

If you would like more details please contact us via email on our Contact Page.

Company Accounts completed within 10 working days.

If your company accounts/tax return are due very soon or if you require them to be completed quickly then please contact us via our contact page.

Bookkeeping Package for companies.

This Package is ideal for Companies just starting up or who wish to concentrate on selling and not worry about all that paperwork.  Our Book-keeping service can include all the following or you can pick and mix:

  • The completion of a selected Business Bank Mandate ready for signing; arranging an appointment at a convenient local branch; preparing the Memorandum & Articles of Association plus arranging for a personal business banker.
  • The preparation of a VAT 1 Form in order to get your company its own VAT Number
  • Preparation and submission of Inland Revenue Forms plus the supply of a Memorandum & Articles of Association (A legal requirement)
  • Supplying a 'service of process' registered office where all Legal, VAT, Companies House and Inland Revenue Forms will be sent, including a notification and advice service on what needs to be done by a trained accountant
  • Preparation and Submission of the Stock Transfer Forms necessary to legally transfer the 2 initial ordinary shares to the long-term shareholders
  • Allotment of the balance of the share capital as required (Normally companies only come with 2 issued shares but have 998 additional shares that need to be allotted) including the issuance of any required Minutes and extra Share Certificates
  • Ongoing electronic Change of Director, Secretary and Shareholder Service
  • Free Access to our Business Advisors and Accountants for 1 Year
  • The set up of your Company Account using either Quick Books or Sage
  • The input and output of up to 100 transactions per quarter with additional inputs/outputs being charged on a pro-rata basis
  • The preparation of Quarterly Accountancy Reports
  • The submission of VAT Returns to Customs & Excise
  • The preparation of the annual 363 Annual Return to Companies House Cardiff including payment of the fee for the annual Company Return.
  • Preparation of the Annual Company Accounts and Annual Company Tax Return CT600 Form ready for signing and submission to Company House and HMRC is not included included in with this package and is subject to an additional fee if required.






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