For those in business who want some one else to look after the paperwork for them the following services can be offered individually or in combination with others as suits the business.

  • run all the accounting ledgers like, sales, purchases, journals etc.
  • complete the quarterly VAT returns.
  • prepare and compile the year end company accounts
  • compute and compile the company tax return (CT600)
  • complete the personal tax return for directors and their family
  • company secretarial services (we complete all the forms like dividend certificate's, company minutes etc - most important as the revenue are insisting these documents are maintained) - Free to our Company Clients.
  • management accounts
  • business planning
  • business forecasting
  • essential health and safety documents - we provide for your use documents, procedures, checklists and forms on everything from risk assessments to training records.
  • essential employment documents - we provide legally safe paperwork to cover practically every personnel situation from recruitment to dismissal to contracts to staff handbooks to absenteeism to flexible working.
  • profit extraction - we provide detailed workings and explanations of the many ways to extract profit from a business.
  • letters and contracts - we provide and prepare documents, contracts and agreements  etc that you need in your business to ensure that your are legally covered with your suppliers and customers.
  • Disability discrimination Act - we provide and prepare documents for all the necessary letters, policies and forms that you might need to comply with this act.
  • Health and safety changes 2004 we provide and prepare documents for all the necessary checklists, policies and clauses you may need to comply with this act.
  • Practical advice on Company Cars - should you have one or use your own car?  We provide the detailed figures that enable you to make the right choice and perhaps save you or your business hundreds of pounds a year.
  • Safe Employment Contracts - the law requires employers to issue all staff with at least a basic statement of contract.  We take your basic contract, or provide you with one of your own if you do not already have one, and update it so that it becomes an effective contract and document.
If you would like a quote on any of the above please use the link on our contact page and list the services your company could benefit from.


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